2016. október 16., vasárnap

Bag is ready

The course for bag making is over, I learnt a lot, got exhausted, and I am very happy with my new bag. Actually it is my mother's new bag, I realised I will not use it because I prefer bigger ones, but my mother was over the moon. And now I know zipper, inside pocket, handle, and all the little secrets of bag making!
I do not have a photo of the final one but I will make one next time!

2016. szeptember 27., kedd

Ready to start my first bag

I found a course where I can learn how to make a bag in 2 afternoon. It is a fairly complicated one, with zipped inner pocket, 3 sections, handle , frame and everything. I made the preliminary tasks of putting the parts into order, fix the vliesothingies all together, and I am eagerly waiting to Thursday to start.

Everything together, the dotted one is the lining

Front side and back of the front, this is the real color, not the previous one.

Inner separator and its back 
I was lazy to mark, so it was based on my estimation to be somewhere aligned!

Bottom, sides and its back

2016. szeptember 7., szerda

Winter moved on

I have finished the 2nd quarter of Winter Watergarden. It is a really beautiful design a pleasure to stitch, but now I am moving back to Summer Knotgarden to start is 3rd quarter. 
I am thinking on start one of the Cloister Gardens (Herbularius, Pomarium or Tinctorium -even Rosarium is out) whenI am done to have something on the go while finishing these two. But maybe 3 big ones are too much - I will see. But in the summer I spent half a fortune on speciality threads, so the kits are ready.

2016. szeptember 3., szombat

Winter Watergarden

I made a nice progress on Winter Watergarden, I really love to stitch this piece.

2016. augusztus 14., vasárnap

Speeding up my blogging

It took me a couple of years, but today I arranged my apps and realised there is an app for blogging. So I have and this is my first post - hopefully not the last.
And a pic to try that as well - my skill builder bom with hand stitched hexies. Halfway done, definitely not my cup of tee, but I will finish just to say I did it as well.

2016. május 8., vasárnap

Summer is coming

I have some progress on Summer Knotgarden. It is somehow strange among my knotgardens, because in the previous ones I had my favourite parts and those I did not liked that much, and is was quite stable opinion. With this somehow I feel like I do not want to stitch, then when I start I realise I really like each part - then comes the feeling that no, I do not like it - and when I start any of the parts I realise that I really do...
Anyway in the ladt couple of weeks I was working and reading quite a lot and stitching less, but I am almost halfway!


2016. április 3., vasárnap

Back to Summer

I turned back to continue Summer. I stitched the second green patch and the little roses next. There is a lot of green backstiching on the green leaves and branches - I wonder whether anyone sees them apart from me...