Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Round the Year 2 - Dusk

I have put the taupe Yoko Saito top away and returned to the colorful Round the Year by betukbandi. I have already started the paper pieced flying geese a few weeks ago, only the middle was missing. It took only an evening to finish it -it was very easy and relaxing. Despite the name it was only straight stitches. The name is Dusk, reminds me the birds flying away to the setting sun.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Yoko Saito quilt top

I have finished the top for my Yoko Saito. This photo does no do justice, in real life the colors are much softer, not so washed out, and the frame is a soft hazelnut. I will try to make some better pictures with natural light. I opted to skip the framing tree and grasses, I lost my mojo somewhen in the process. I am attracted to colors now, and thinking to put is away for some time and not to rush with the finish. When I finish a top I immediately go for the quilting, but now I have a feeling it won't give me the joy, and I do not want simply to get over with this piece, I would like to enjoy the quilting as well.

Yoko Saito: Strolling along path of green

And old finish from the scrappy series

I made this scrappy green yellow last summer when I was cleaning up my scrappy bins. The green pinwheels were leftovers from a quilt I made in 2014 for my niece, the rest came from various projects. I just love the backing: I took some of my ugliest materials I thought I will never use, plus some satin pillowcovers I cut into halves to fit our small pillows. I really like the softness of the backing, and regardless how ugly the fabrics looked separately, they come together quite well.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Quick world tour

I have finished part 1 and 2 of Around the world in 80 stitches, and I am contemplating to call it a finish. I have started this piece in 2012 (6years ago!), and after stitching a very little I stopped I did not touched for 6 years. This is not a small time aversion taking into consideration I hardly put anything away for more than a few months...But I despite the fact that it seemed to be fun to learn new stitches I was not willing to work on this sends a serious message. I took it up a few days ago when I made an inventory of my WIP (UFO? - is there a specific date when a wip became extraterrestrial? If yes I suppose it does not take 6 years to come) I listed this and gave it a last chance.
Actually after decreasing the color palette it was not so bad to stitch, and I really like the outcome, but it is only 1/6th of the whole design and I am not sure whether I will have the stamina to stitch so much more. Now there is a natural finishline, I can make a nice box out of this, and I think I will do that. But I am really happy that I got here.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Around the world

I made some progress on my ex-UFO, the Around the World in 80 stitches by Papillion Creations. Part 2 and half  of Part1 is done. I am contemplating whether to stop when I have finished Part1, because then it is a small but complete picture, or shall I move forward. I have some steam, but I do not know whether it is enough for the whole 24 parts...

Recliner cover

This is the cover I have made for our recliner. First I was planning to sew one long row to cover the sitting part and the arms, but after finishing I realised that with recliners arms are moving separately from the sitting part, so it will not work. But the long row became a perfect middle cover and I saw 2 smaller ones for the arms. I only have to figure out what to do to have a nicer coverage, because I put a double extremely puffy batting to have comfortable softness under our palms.
I really like the result, and I also realised how much better is to have a scrappy one instead of the same materials - arms are from 2 different fabric, middle part extrascrappy. I used up all my 5x5 squares I cut from my brow-creme-white scraps, therefore no scrappyness for the armrest. I like those pieces most what I thought originally too ugly to include, the yellowish roses. It is really true that you cannot judge on standalone fabric...