Sunday, October 28, 2018

Around the world

I made some progress on my ex-UFO, the Around the World in 80 stitches by Papillion Creations. Part 2 and half  of Part1 is done. I am contemplating whether to stop when I have finished Part1, because then it is a small but complete picture, or shall I move forward. I have some steam, but I do not know whether it is enough for the whole 24 parts...

Recliner cover

This is the cover I have made for our recliner. First I was planning to sew one long row to cover the sitting part and the arms, but after finishing I realised that with recliners arms are moving separately from the sitting part, so it will not work. But the long row became a perfect middle cover and I saw 2 smaller ones for the arms. I only have to figure out what to do to have a nicer coverage, because I put a double extremely puffy batting to have comfortable softness under our palms.
I really like the result, and I also realised how much better is to have a scrappy one instead of the same materials - arms are from 2 different fabric, middle part extrascrappy. I used up all my 5x5 squares I cut from my brow-creme-white scraps, therefore no scrappyness for the armrest. I like those pieces most what I thought originally too ugly to include, the yellowish roses. It is really true that you cannot judge on standalone fabric...

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Result of my holidays

My holidays are over, and regardless I did not acted according to my stitchy plans I am quite satisfied what I did. So lets see my goals and results.
  • Quilting/sewing - well done
Plans: finish scrappy blue, work on Yoko Saito and the Round-The-Year quilt - partially done
Scrappy blue - binded and ready, already used by the family

Yoko Saito - hand stitching done, block ready to be sewn together. I will go for the added grass and tree, so no quilt as you go for this.
Round-the-year - not touched

Additional quilts - well exceeded
I was not planning to start anything else, but inspiration came and I not only started, but also finished 2 additional quilts: an I-Spy quilt for my nephew, and a recliner cover for our old reading/stitching chair.
  • Cross stitch - less, but OK
Plans: work on Pomarium, Around the World in 80 stitches, Nativity sampler - partially done
I worked on Around the World in 80 stitches and I made quite a good progress. I am even getting to like it - I did more in this week than in the last 6 years. I realised the biggest blocking factor was the color scheme, actually the lack of predefined colors. I reduced the original palette to 1 green and 3 pinks and now it goes significantly better.
I did not touched Pomarium, but I checked Nativity Sampler and concluded I will take it to my family holiday next week.
  • Sports - well done
Plans: jogging every second day - done, well above
I went running every second day, 3 times 5 kms, and I even went for 10 kms twice. I also bought a sport watch with heart rate measurement, and I did quite a good training to improve my performance. I started to play with the idea to get ready for a marathon in one year time, but most probably it remains an idea - it really takes a lots of time what I do not see at the moment where could I find...
  • Social media time - well done
I skipped facebook almost fully, actually I deleted the app from my mobile after the first day when I realised I am checking in without any reason. Bloggingwise I did 7 posts, which is quite a feat compared to my previous activity. I defined what do I want to finish this year, and I even checked my long pinterest list of totes and selected the best to be tried.

I also hosted 2 dinners for the family, fixed many small things in the flat and bought things which were needed for a time. Overall I am quite content how I spent my stay-in-holidays, and concluded that it is a pity I have 20something years till I can retire, because I could retire happily even tomorrow :)

Monday, October 22, 2018

I-spy (almost) in a day

It turned out my nephew's birthday party going to be this Saturday, therefore My I-spy-quilt got a big push. I checked my colorful fabric box, I did some fussy cutting, and even some applique, because my son said our nephew loves cars so he MUST have cars on the quilt. So cars he got, and since I do not have  any fabric with cars I did some appliqued ones, and I added even a train. I really enjoyed this supersimple piecing of good quality materials. Recently I either did some skill building or used home decor fabric, so this simple quilt squares were flying through my machine. The top was ready in a day including several rounds of rearranging the pieces, and today I put on the backing and a simple stitch in the finished it in no time.
One more tick for my goals!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Other things to be done

There is a list in my head what else would I like to sew this year:

  • quilting:
    • finish the Yoko Saito wall hanging
    • I-spy-quilt for my little nephew before he outgrows the I-spy period
    • work on the Around the Year quilt
  • cross stitch:
    • finish 4 parts of Around the World in 80 stitches - or give it up
    • stitch at least 5 days on Pomarium
    • finish Nativity Sampler for Christmas
  • other:
    • finish the chair cover for the arms in October
    • miscellaneous sewing thingie holder
      • a standing one for my cutting mat
      • one next to the sewing machine
    • totes: some nice totes for myself and the family, which also serves as a stash buster of my non-quilting fabric. I have bought some fun prints in IKEA with totes in my mind, and I would like to try at least 3 types to find the perfect one
It is quite a lot, but being on holiday now and before Christmas hopefully makes it possible!

Tote bag list

Creating handles:

Finished Binding

A few totes to try:

Simple Six-Pocket Bag Sewing Pattern

handmade tote
Need DIY tote bag ideas? Try this handmade tote bag pattern for an easy DIY tote bag. This easy tote bag pattern is perfect for beginners advanced sewers.

The Renegade Streamstress

sturdy modern bag - free craftsy pattern
Love this heavy duty tote bag. Free pattern and step by step tutorial for how to make this very hard-wearing bag. Ideal to take to the store for your groceries or just as an every day carryall. Been using mine for months now.

Poppyseed Fabrics

Jumbo bag by the ribbonretreat
Jumbo Bag Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Big Bad Bucket Bag
Big oversized bucket bag is perfect for overnight visits and trips to the beach. Free pattern download. The Sewing Loft

park bag

Hardcore extra heavy duty : the weekender

Whipping up extras

Apart from my original goals I had some things on my mind. 

I was going through my stash and I was decluttering all awful synthetic bits and pieces I received since I started sewing. The family knows I need practice materials so they are sending all kind of stuff - but some of them are too bad even to practice anything on them...I also rearranged my boxes separating quilting and non-quilting quality fabric, keeping only 1 box of synthetics including princess/santa materials. You know, the shiny ones all 5 years old princesses aiming for. And I finished 2 brideskirts for my nieces as well, and for thir little brother a double sided prince doublet - it took some 40 minutes to finish all! The prince material was bought some 30 years ago and I used it to cover the guest bedroom mattress when I tried my first sewing in secondary school.

During the selection phase I also took my charmpack sized whites and beiges do sew the half triangle armchair cover I was longing for. We have an awfully old, but extremely comfortable recliner, whose arms are getting into a horrenduous phase. I decided to cover it myself, and now I took the time to start it. The design and the blocks are ready, and moreover, now I can easily close the light brown/beige box, because I put together a backing from some bigger pieces as well.

Around the World in 80 stitches

I started this piece by Papillon Creations in 2012 and stopped in the first half of Part 2 (I skipped Part1) of the 24 parts. There are many colors (8 floral, 3 green, white) what I did not like, and planned to use a pink-green colorway. However, I just could not force myself into the 8 pinks, and it became a UFO. I realised the most difficult part is the substitition choosing, so I reduced the palette: 3 pinks, 1 green. This helped a lot, I did more work in 1 hour than in the past in 1 month or shall I say 6 years? There was also some frogging included to be able to follow this decision, and also some unintended fresh one when I made a mistake in the Hardanger. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

A finish and a new WIP

I have finished my second scrappy blue, and I will call it Little Fish. Among my blue green scraps I have found one with a tiny orange fish, and I added it tp bring some extra color into the picture. I binded it on Saturday morning, and it was already claimed and taken to good use. 


I am also moving ahead with my flat organising goals. The worst areas are our writing desk and entrance. There id always a huge amount of clutter and in case I clean it up it always comes back in a minute...
However, I did clean them up, and in the mess I have found another stitchy project. A Riolis piece given my sister-in-law and her husband. It is nice, but quite hard to stitch because the material is woolen with acrylic, moreover, I started in a wrong place and most probably it will not fit. Since it is a landscape it is not a big problem, some part of the forest will be smaller, but still, I have to think does it worth the time...

Mistletoe and Chestnut

I am very proud, I have finished not only my Chestnut, but also Mistletoe as well. Both were appliqued by my Bernina, but the final touches were added by hand. The berries on Mistletoe with French knots as the middle, and the   pointy spikes on Chestnut, and the lines in the leaves.

I also managed to do some sports both on Saturday and today. I was jogging, my usual distance is one round in Margaret island, which is a real island in the middle of the river Danube in Budapest, and it is 5,3km. I am not a quick runner, I even slowed down to 42minutes/round, but not I started to use spotify. I made quite a speedy playlist, and I moved up to 36minues/round, which - belive me- is a huge improvement! The previous one was more like walking than jogging, with this speed I even overtook 2 people (ok they were most probably retired ones, but very healthy 70+!).

Friday, October 12, 2018

Big plans for a short holiday

Next week I will stay at home and planning to do kind of nothing. I thought I will have the whole week for myself, but in the meantime it turned out my husband booked a sailing exam for Monday afternoon, so he is staying at home Monday morning, and in the late afternoon I should take our son to his sport class. On Wednesday morning I will join my colleagues for a half-day get together training in the neighbourhood, what I did not want to cancel, and in the afternoon another sport class, so my staying at home alone dreamholiday is already blown up, but that is life. There is still the remaining part for doing nothing, and as a bonus the next 2 days are national holiday, so I will have 2 extra to spend with the family.
Doing nothing means organising and stitching a lot - I have 3 WIP quilts:
One is a blue-green  scrapp ready to be binded, I definitely want to start with this, the happy owner (my son and husband are both standing in the line) wants to use it immediately. It has a supersoft babyplush backing (minkylike, but extrawarm), so it will be perfect for the coming long winter nights.
The second is the Yoko Saito one, the block are almost ready, a little handstitching is missing from the Chestnut, and then it should be put together and I should quilt it. I am thinking which way to go: I can quilt the blocks separately and do a quilt as you go one, or sew them prior and add a nice overlapping design just like in some part of the original. It is more difficult, but definitely nicer, so I think I will take this approach. The quilt is half of the original one, because that was almost 2mx3m (2ydsx3yds). I will see how will I proceed.
This is the original Yoko Saito, from the book Strolling Along Path of Green.
Képtalálat a következőre: „strolling along paths of green”

The third is one I just started, the Round the Year Quilt along by betukbandi. I just finished one block and started the second. It is also a huge and difficult one, but I am really drawn by challenges - I will have to find a nice place to show when it is ready...

And apart from the quilts I have my cross stitch companions: Pomarium, which is definitely lacking my attention, my Nativity Sampler where there is a very small part to be finished and the Around the World in 80 Stitches by Papillon Creations what I started a very long time ago, in 2012 and I would rather call it a UFO than WIP

Onl 121 Pomarium


I will give some attention to all of them, and maybe I will start Autumn Watergarden by Chatelaine - I will see what the week brings.

But one promise: I will cut back by social media time, no facebook, only blogging. I am trying to manage consciously the time I am spending with my e-devices and I have realised I am spending way too much with uninteresting facebook posts. The only thing with real interest was the Chatelaine group with the new design releases, but since the designer, Martina passed away it is also less appealing - I know my favourite designs, I already bought them, or they are on my wishlist, so I will try a little fasting, it will make me good.
Finally, if fasting is in the air: I will do lots of sports. I will try to go jogging every second day if the weather permits.

So my good intentions are on, I will see what this 10 days brings!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Round the Year - Dahlia

A few years back I have found a beautiful quilt by betukbandi called Round the Year, and I was thinking to create one day such. The day had arrived, and I started my epic jpourney of paperpiecing round medallions. The first one is Dahlia, and despite some little puckers I am more than happy with my result. The paper piecing part was OK, but I was fighting with the curved piecing. And there was a huge amount of curves to be pieced! 
For the materials first I wanted to use batiks or some more shaded fabric, just like in the original, but when I realised I used all my blues for the Storm-At-Sea quilt in the summer I thought to use the overflowing solids. The colours are really nice, I like the contrast, and at least I do not buy even more fabric - I can hardly close the door of my cupboard where my materials are...

Round the Year quilt 
based on pattern by betukbandi