Saturday, February 28, 2015

New heights

I finished the next picture on the height chart, and I was real quick. I read somewhere that if you measure something then it goes quicker- definitely true. I was measuring the time spent on stitching, documenting the progress each day, and it came out I spent 24 hours on this piece, and it took me 10 days to finish it.
The list for future evidence: Sunday 2.20, Monday 2.25, Tuesday 2.00, Wednesday 4.00, Thursday 2.20, Friday 3.15, Sunday 1.00, Monday 2.20, Wednesday 2.40, Thursday 1.50.

Country Companions: Height Chart
Fonal/Floss: Anchor & DMC
Anyag/Fabric: Zweigart white 28 ct Lugana

Monday, February 23, 2015

Irish chain is growing

When I was preparing the blocks for my mother's quilt I realised that I do not like the setup of the picnic size quilt - not symmetric enough for me. I checked the others and the best was the queen, so I restarted cutting. Instead of 128 I was fighting with 160 blocks! But the are almost ready for the next round, sitting nicely next to each other. I found a good method for speeding up chain pieced piece cutting: let them fall to the floor! Actually I am holding the chain with one hand, and cutting with the other, but when I made the photo I realised I do not have a third to take a pic, so I simply imitated. But it is really tough to make a photo with left hand, so even this was a challenge :)

You can join the project with Melissa at happy quilting.

Irish Chain with a Twist

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Irish chain with a twist

Melissa at happy quilting annonced a quilt along. I wanted to make a bedcover for my mum for a long time and it looks a perfect occassion to start. The fabric is in question because I was thinking brown green yellow but realised my brown stock is almost nonexistent. I changed my mind and opted for blue red and a little scrappy version due to the fact that I bought a huge amount of fabric and I promised myself I will use them prior to buy the next portion. The background is a light creme linen which is beautiful, but quite hard to work with:slippery and changes shape for every move. So I started to starch - I never did it before but I just received an oil sprinkle for my kitchen what is a perfect tool for the job.

 I started to cut for the crosses and pieced them as well. Unfortunately I run out of the basic blues so tomorrow I might have to visit the shop...I made over 100, the total is 128, a lot!

Irish Chain with a Twist

Be my Valentine

I have finished the next hedgehog in the heightchart and I just realised how appropriate it is- the title was "be my Valentine" and I put the final stitches in yesterday.

Country Companions: Height Chart
Fonal/Floss: Anchor & DMC
Anyag/Fabric: Zweigart white 28 ct Lugana

Friday, February 6, 2015

height chart - 2nd picture ready

I made a huge progress with the height chart , the 2nd part is ready, backstitching including!

Country Companions: Height Chart
Fonal/Floss: Anchor & DMC
Anyag/Fabric: Zweigart white 28 ct Lugana

Monday, February 2, 2015

3 for the triplets - Girl quilt

This was the 3rd bedcover I made for our nieces/nephew. They are triplets and they all got bedcovers for Christmas. The design is similar to the other girl's, but the colors are different.

2 for the triplets - Girl quilt

I decided to make a quilt for my niece. Her color is yellow (she is one of a triplet, so color distinction is important in her family :) ). It was my first big project, but I really liked. I decided on the design with the piecing and also on the free motion quilting.

Baby sleeping pad

My first work ever - this was the trial piece for the 3 day quilting course I took in July. I see some place for improvement, but overall I am quite satisfied. I gave it to our niece who was a few month old at that time - she still sleeps with this.

christmas birdies

I almost forget to show my Christmas birdies. It was ready by Christmas but the quilting is still missing. I will finish somewhen but it is on display anyway. The design is called House Warming Party by Vicky Bellino and Bloom Creek.

House Warming Party