Sunday, February 15, 2015

Irish chain with a twist

Melissa at happy quilting annonced a quilt along. I wanted to make a bedcover for my mum for a long time and it looks a perfect occassion to start. The fabric is in question because I was thinking brown green yellow but realised my brown stock is almost nonexistent. I changed my mind and opted for blue red and a little scrappy version due to the fact that I bought a huge amount of fabric and I promised myself I will use them prior to buy the next portion. The background is a light creme linen which is beautiful, but quite hard to work with:slippery and changes shape for every move. So I started to starch - I never did it before but I just received an oil sprinkle for my kitchen what is a perfect tool for the job.

 I started to cut for the crosses and pieced them as well. Unfortunately I run out of the basic blues so tomorrow I might have to visit the shop...I made over 100, the total is 128, a lot!

Irish Chain with a Twist

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Melissa Corry said...

I know, it is a whole lot. Looking great, and what a great idea for your to use your kitchen sprayer for starch!!!