Saturday, November 15, 2014



2013 Summer

Fernhill by based on the design Fernhill by Lynette Anderson, with some real quilting added. I was lerning free motion quilting, applique basics and putting the block together. The animals are hand stitched, all other by machine.

I joined a quilting course in last July due to this design - I was thinking and rethinking almost for a year whether I really need a new hobby on top of stitching :) This was how it started and no stopping since.

Some progress  pics.

 The evil reindeer - I restitched the eyes and mouth after I realised how scary he is!

Christmas coming

Victoria Sampler: Heirloom Nativity Sampler
2014 July

We went for holidays in the summer and I took some wintery with me. Heirlooms series of Victoria Sampler.

Height chart

Country Companions: Height Chart
Fonal/Floss: Anchor & DMC
Anyag/Fabric: Zweigart white 28 ct Lugana

2014 Spring
It will take some time...

Present for the nursery ladies - I have a helper, too

2013 June

I managed to do some stitching, but not a lot. These small lavender sachets with initials were present for my son's nursery ladies (teachers? aids?) and the flowers in the back are made my very skilfull 4 year old little one.

Boy quilt

Boy quilt 
2014 November (1 week)

Originally I started to make a quilt for my other niece (I have a lot) but I run out of white fabric and in the meantime I started to put together a simple boy quilt for her brother. I simply used all material I have found in the basket - an old shirt, an old trousers including some remaining end of a green and a white linen curtain. I really like the outcome, but since it is quite huge (210x160cm) I did not quilted apart from the stitch in the ditch. The grey is actually a striped white bluish greenish brownish material. There are some wrinkles in the fabric, but a washing and an ironing can make miracles.

First free motion project - Leah Day

Leah Day course for free motion quilting 2014 Summer-Autumn

To get over my aversion of my inability to free motion quilt my quilts, I went through the course offered by Leah on her blog. It was real good, I really enjoyed, and it took only that long due to the fact that we had a 2 month renovation in between. I will upload some details because it is really fascinating, and the outcome is much better than I thought during the production. Click on to see the details!

Baby quilt for Linda

2014 October

Ready in one week when my little son was on Autumn break with my parents and I had free evenings to stitch. Machine applique for our niece, some of the material from her parents to be used somewhere. Also not quilted just stitch in the ditch - I still afraid to destroy something real nice...

First double bed cover

My first real double bed quilt - not quilted only stitched in the ditch, the progress pictures are showing a better color similarity. It was a present for my cousin who wanted something romantic. The pink is full of roses.

And this final piece exhibited in the spare room of my parents - looks a little drab place, but it is actually empty. 

August 2013

Free motion quilting in progress

I was practicing a lot, a lot and a lot, with different results...

First quilts

I have disapperaed for quite a while, but I have done a lot. Stitchingwise not so much, but I lernt how to quilt! My first works are for babies, and right after I made a huge quilt last summer. I used only sitsch in the ditch, not real quilting at that time.

For whatever reason I cannot change the format upside down...

Little baby quilt for Esmie

Love entwined

Love Entwined
2013 Summer

I jumped into a huge project right after Fernhill last summer, but still somewhere in the same phase. Love Entwined is a replique quilt redesigned by Esther Aliu.

Bevásároltam - I went shopping

Nagyon nagy a gyűjtőszenvedélyem, és szeretek mindent kipróbálni. Úgyhogy bevettem magam a varróvilág boltjába, és mindenféle aprósággal felszerelkeztem, mindet ki akarom próbálni:
  • Mágneses gombostűtartó, 
  • Laposfejű gombostűk
  • Varrógéptűk, cérnák
  • Görbe biztostűk, a fércelés helyett
  • Hímzőráma szabad gépi tűzéshez
  • Csipesz és kifordító - erre kíváncsi leszek
  • Spulnitartó, jó sok orsóval
  • Körmölés helyett egy műanyag simító - ez is érdekes, sosem hallottam róla
  • Jó nagy vágólap

I really like to try different things, so I went shopping to a little sewing shop (there are no quilt shops in Hungary, but I have found some sewing ones with all the things I wanted to have). I wonder which of them will I really use, but I bought all I have found interesting!
  • magnetic pinholder, 
  • quilting pins
  • needles, spools
  • quilting pin to avoid basting
  • Frame for free motion quilting
  • 2 long things I do not know the name in English, to turn long things - I wonder will I ever use them...
  • box and bobbins
  • crease not to use my nails and iron -never heard about this before
  • big cutting mat (I had a much smaller one)

És ami legjobban bejött: az időszakos textilragasztó! Csak fújtam egy kicsit, és úgy működik, mint egy gyenge tépőzár: tart, de ha elrontom, csak széthúzom, és mehet újra gond nélkül!
And the thing I liked the most: temporary adhesive! I work perfectly for me for basting, like a very weak velcro: when I made a mistake, simply pulled apart and here I go again with the correction!