Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Something fishy

I have started a new kit, called Something Fishy from Ryan McKenna. I have seen a photo of a completed one somewhere and it was so beautiful. I was really envious how can someone create such a beauty - and then I have seen it is actually a kit, I can buy it, and create the same.

I bought it a few months ago, and actually I was still a little bit scared to start it. But yesterday I took the first part, and realised it goes supereasy - it took me only one evening to finish the loudmouth. I decided to skip the fishing part (lure, rod, boots, ticket), I prefer only the waterlife. I have added the original finish as well to see how gorgeous it will be in no time!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Whales for the babies

small baby quilt, 27,5"x41"

small baby quilt, 24"x31"

New baby shower gifts - these ones are for boys, I suppose you can see it. One of my friends asked me to make one nautical for a friend who had a baby boy. I also knew the girl so I happily said yes to the task. I have found a photo on pinterest from Barabooboo on Flicker, and I changed it a little.
We have chosen the motives, but could not agree on the background in advance. I liked the blue, she preferred the whiteish. I stitched up the border and sent out the 2 versions to choose from. Then I saw that the white dotted is a small piece, so I did the one with the blue backgroud. In the meantime she voted for the white one, so I did the white one as well and kept the other for a little boy in our family. And now I cannot judge, I like them both :)

QAL finish

I did not have the chance to show the finish of my QAL piece: here it is in all her glory. Thanks Melissa at happy quilting for the opportunity to participate!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Baby shower gift

My colleague has an adorable little girl, I made this quilt for her. The panels were in my stash and I needed only the white to add. It was a real quick finish, only a few evening worth. But I need to find some solution for the wavy binding...