Monday, July 20, 2015

Whales for the babies

small baby quilt, 27,5"x41"

small baby quilt, 24"x31"

New baby shower gifts - these ones are for boys, I suppose you can see it. One of my friends asked me to make one nautical for a friend who had a baby boy. I also knew the girl so I happily said yes to the task. I have found a photo on pinterest from Barabooboo on Flicker, and I changed it a little.
We have chosen the motives, but could not agree on the background in advance. I liked the blue, she preferred the whiteish. I stitched up the border and sent out the 2 versions to choose from. Then I saw that the white dotted is a small piece, so I did the one with the blue backgroud. In the meantime she voted for the white one, so I did the white one as well and kept the other for a little boy in our family. And now I cannot judge, I like them both :)

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