Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Big dilemma

I have finished the applique petals and I really liked the result, and also the variety of possible applique methods Melissa listed in her blog.

I put together the whole top and now I am facing a big dilemma: despite the fact that I really liked the design I choose too many colours and the quilt is much too busy for my taste. I started to play around with the blocks and I see 2 queen size quilts in my mother's future :)  But I will think it over till next week...


I also wonder which lined one is better, but I think I will chose the left setup with the right petals added, namely I will put a dark outline to the middle instead of the light one.


Melissa Corry said...

Way to get them all stitched up ;) And 2 queen quilts, wow!!

Lynn McIndoe said...

I really liked the quilt with the X blocks. Maybe you can do some more of the flower blocks to make another one like Melissa's original.