Friday, June 19, 2015

Stashing up

I have ordered a huge amount of things - I got my yearly bonus and topped up my reserves :)
The list and shipping time for me as a reminder:

from USPS express shipping:
Fabric Peddler turtle&fish quilt
order 12/04/2015 posting 13/04/2015 received 30/04/2015 (1 week customs)

from US standard shipping:
European Cross Stitch beadpack for Winter and Autumn Watergarden
order 30/04/2015 posting 5/21/2015 received 05/06/2015

from UK standard shipping:
SewAndSo floss
order 09/04/2015 posting 09/04/2015 received 16/04/2015

from Australia standard shipping:
Stiches and Spice floss
order 01/05/2015 posting 01/05/2015 received 10/05/2015

from ebay, Hong Kong, standard shipping (DMC):
order 29/04/2015 posting 30/04/2015 received 14/05/2015

from EU standard shipping:
Casa Cenina: floss
order 01/05/2015 posting 04/05/2015 received 08/05/2015
Casa Cenina: floss+fabric (not in stock, waiting list)
order 01/05/2015 posting 19/05/2015 received 18/06/2015 (quite adventurous, returned to sender, resent, almost returned again etc)

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