Monday, March 21, 2016

Wintery gate and a great progress

In the weekend I was working on the gate and a one-over-one birdie for Winter Watergarden. Originally the bird was cardinal which is not native in Europe, so I put a blue tit to the middle. This is identical to the one which is sitting in the corner, and for each side I will stitch the one which is shown there: one robin and 2 others whose name I do not know. The inside of the gate is really beautiful, but was a real hard work to stitch: I was frogging almost everything once because I misplaced the motives.
I also realised the Gloriana thread for the frame won't be enough - the floss is only 3yds instead 6. I suppose the long one was too pricey, but still... I have seen in the pattern it was originally 8yds, then I bought as 6 a few years ago, this year it was 4yds, and now on the website it is only 3yds. I buy it from casacenina, because I have quite a lot floss and I do not need the whole package, moreover, with the occassional 25-30% discount and without tax added it is much better priced, but I have never thought I should look the length of floss as well!

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