Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Summer Knotgarden - to be (ripped) or not to be (ripped)

In the September I made a nice progress on Summer Knotgarden, but did not have time to post any pictures. This is how Summer Knotgarden is now - I do not like the way I did the clouds, the vertical colorchanges are not the best option. I suppose I should take my time to rip them and go for a horizontal one. It is not a happy decision to make, but all the time when I am making compromises I do regret - so the clouds must be gone.But I do like the little Jessicas (the yellow-pink flowers) - they are my favourites.

Chatelaine: Summer Knotgarden
Fonal/Floss: DMC + many silks as suggested in the kit
Anyag/Fabric: Zweigart antique white 32 ct Belfast

1 comment:

Ineke said...

I stitched the clouds in horizontal rows. This is a link to a picture:
I hope this helps to make the hard decision to rip your clouds.