Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 - skill building BOM

I have found a very nice Skill Builder BOM (actually this is the name as well) at Pile o'Fabric, which was offered in 2013 for free. I downloaded the instructions minimum a year ago, but did not have the time to start - now I did. I really like my color scheme (in reality they are more fresh, especially the limegreen). The quilt is 20 blocks, both the piecing and the freemotion quilting is explained very well. 
I mostly follow the instructions, but I changed the background filler to a more organic one - I think it was a mistake, but since it is a skill builder I do not mind. And the batting is a superpuffy one (200), I bought it 2-3 years ago when I did not know which one is good, and I thought the bigger the better. Well, at least I am using all of it up, and it is going to be a warm winter quilt to watch tv in the lazy weekend mornings. I already pieced 6 and quilted 3.

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