Friday, October 13, 2017

The Story of Not Buying Fabric This Year

I decided a month back, that I have enormous stash at least on my scale (something around 150-200yards), so I will buy anything only after using at least the same amount. And it seemed an easy thing: I have real nice things, I bought several taupe ones for my Yoko Saito which will take minimum a year to finish, so it is settled.
Then life was not only knocking on the door, but it used a warhammer: the fabric store at the corner closes (Szent Istvan krt for my readers in Budapest), and they have clearance - all fabric at half price. And they were not extremely expensive to begin with. The only 'good' thing that they already sold out their original quilt supply, so the temptation came in the form of solid and a very few other ones.
So I bought what you can see here, and I was trying to stay on the low amount side - are 30yards qualify? And I will return only on the last week to chech what else is available...

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