Monday, September 19, 2011

IHSW S(z)eptember

Vége az IHSW hétvégének, és az eredmény egyrészt kevesebb, másrészt több. mint amit terveztem. A sárkánykával csak kicsit haladtam, lett egy teljes vonatkocsija, kevés arannyal és egy nagyobbacska fekete folttal:

IHSW weekend is over, and I somehow stitched less and somehow more than planned. My dragonling got a finished carriage with some gold and a big black shadow:

Train of Dreams (HAED)
Fonal/Floss: DMC
Anyag/Fabric: 18 white aida
És ami több: valami teljes darabot is szerettem volna készíteni, és ezért gyorsan kivarrtam egy bazsalikomot (Cross My Heart: Sampling of Herbs). Nem tartott sokáig, és nagyon mutatós példány szerintem. Egy sorozat első darabja, a gazda még kicsit kérdéses, 2 jelölt verseng jelenleg.

But I also wanted some finished piece and I chose a basil (Cross My Heart: Sampling of Herbs). This is the first piece in a row of herbs, the owner is still undecided, 2 competitors are in the ring. And a little language lesson: Bazsalikom means basil in Hungarian.

Sampling of Herbs (Cross My Heart) - Basil
Fonal/Floss: Anchor
Anyag/Fabric: 14 ct natural linen band


Anne said...

Progress is progress and your HAEd is coming along! I love that basil design. Very sweet!

Joysze said...

Wow, great going on the HAED. Man, those colors are just amazing.

Ooooh, I like your new 'bazsalikom' piece.... it's so cute. What other herbs on in this sampler?

Kate said...

It doesnt look like it will be too long before the HAED design is finished - it is looking great!

Esther said...

Gorgeous HAED and I love the basil...thanks for the translation ;))

missy said...

WOW!!!Great stitching.

Agi said...

on the Hímzés/WIP tag I made a list of the herbs and put a photo (sorry for quite bad quality), there are several to come!

Lissanne said...

Your Train of Dreams is so beautiful!! I love all of the colors in it. Your Basil is also pretty, can't wait to see the rest in the row.

Pauline said...

Your train of dreams looks very beautiful, great progress!

The Maiden said...

Your Train is beautiful!

Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

Beautiful pieces!

The Bazsalikom is lovely and your Train of Dreams has my stitchy fingers itchy to start mine! I must, must, must wait until January for that though. Too many other WIP's that need finishing :)