Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Irish Chain simplified

I decided to go with the simplified version and pieced it together. After preparing the top I was so quick that I did the batting as well, and forgot to take a picture prior. Hopefully I still qualify for the last round of Melissa's quilt along! I will finish the other part as well, but I need some creme coloured fabric because I used all of the existing ones for this quilt. As a backing I chose a white material from IKEA, it is a little heavier that the standard quilting fabric, but gives some extra stability to the quilt and the quilting will show up real nice.

Irish Chain with a Twist (simplified version)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Big dilemma

I have finished the applique petals and I really liked the result, and also the variety of possible applique methods Melissa listed in her blog.

I put together the whole top and now I am facing a big dilemma: despite the fact that I really liked the design I choose too many colours and the quilt is much too busy for my taste. I started to play around with the blocks and I see 2 queen size quilts in my mother's future :)  But I will think it over till next week...


I also wonder which lined one is better, but I think I will chose the left setup with the right petals added, namely I will put a dark outline to the middle instead of the light one.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Petals in a row

I was cutting like an angel and finished all the 44 petals for the Irish chain with a twist. It was real quick, I ironed all of them to the empty sqares. In the meantime I realised the fabric is less than needed so I made a little extra twist and added some creme petals to the red ones.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Growing pile of squares

  1. I have finished the 30 squares for the irish chain. It was quite a lot since each sqare was made up of 8 already stitched piece and 3 white strips more than 300 little scrap of fabric went through my hand and machine. But it is there and I can hardly wait how to continue!

The pattern is with Melissa at Happy Quilting, it is still open to join the QAL!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I was diligently cutting up all the 480 little pieces of the strings - actually only 240 (120 blue, 120 reddish) since they were sewn together already, but 480 even more impressive than 240!. The result will somehow look like the square I put here. Despite the big numbers it was a real quick task, I have finished it in 2 sitting. I can hardly wait for the real sewing, since when the squares are ready I can put the whole layout together to see how it will look like. It is always a surprise for me, I am still in the learning phase...