Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Rosey top is ready

There were several trial versions for my rosey quilt before I settled for the final one. I did not like the too white sections between the double Irish chain, so I added some green - it was too green. 

Then I added some lilac to the middle - it was too different from the chain
Then I added roses only - too plain.

Finally I have finished the quilt top for with greens and a rose in the middle, and still not sure whether this was in my mother's mind, but this is how the top is turned out.

Some close ups


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Long Dog Sans Soucis

I have decided to start a Long Dog sampler. My favourite is Pilgrim, but before jumping into a major one I wanted to try something smaller - Sans Soucis came into the picture. San soucis means carefree - it is a nice world to think on, having no restraints, no virus, simply enjoying life... I was thinking a lot what fabric and thread should I use: my favourite silk is Caron Waterlilies and Gloriana, both are quite expensive, especially for such huge pieces as a Long Dog. I usually stitch on 32 ct 2 thread, for Sans Soucis I need 10 skeins, for Pilgrim it takes 20-22! If I stitch 40ct 1 thread it is only 4 and 9 respectively.