Sunday, June 27, 2021

Baby book

I have finished my first soft book. The planning and choosing of the materials was quite tedious, the actual sewing went quickly! The name is not contrasting enough, but I did not want to frog, so it remained. Otherwise I am quite happy with the result, the 10 months old hopefully will be as happy as me :)

The size is 6,5" for the coversheet and 6" for the inner sheet. For the coversheet I added the applique and stitched the 2 sides together reversed then turned them out. I did the same for the inner sheet, then did a stabilising stitch ariud the perimeter twice and also in the middle, then stitched them together. There are many different materials to stimulate the baby fingers: plush, felt, corduroy, canvas, handstitched embroidery on a cotton background.

Polka dots

I have finished this polka dot quilt for my niece, a few weeks (months?) back. She had chosen several designs, and the first I have prepared for her went finally to the teacher of my son last June. I was thinking choosing a different one, and the rainbow dots gave the idea. It has extra soft minky-like backing, which is also dotted. 

It was a very quick finish, the background is white-on-white 10"x10" blocks with an appliqued circle of 5". I sewed the rows with a half shift to give a little play to the design, and arranged the colorful dots as you can see. 27 circles all together: 8 green, 4 blue, 5 yellow, 5 pink, 5 purple.

I used 27 5"x5" charms for the dots, 30 10"x10 for the background, and 1m 1.5wide minkie for the backing. Approximately 1.5m material for the top, 1m for the back, all together 2.5m (2.5yard) fabric usage to finish.

Polka dots: 49" x 58"