Sunday, August 27, 2017


Another little newcome in our family, and since the choice was for a solar system by the happy parents, I tried to come up with a girly spacequilt. It was several round of redesign of the color palette in my head. For quilting I used perle cotton, with long stitches and I really like the final result. 

There was a little discussion among the youngsters how many planets are in the solar system ("is Pluto a planet at the moment?") and which one is the Earth: the green, the blue, the 3rd or the one with the butterfly ("there is life on Earth buddies!"). It is amazing when 7 years old kiddies are discussing serious things among themselves :)

The Universe for Elza

Monday, August 14, 2017

Scrappy blue

This is my very first quilt to use my scraps. I was collecting them by color, and the blue and white started to overflow, so I decided to organise them. 

I had some little half squares from my Building Blocks BOM which were miscalculated, so I made little pinwheels and added a border. I aligned all small scraps to have 5"x5" sized squares. After cutting 5"x5" squares and different strips I took all 2.5 pieces to give a bigger border in dark blue for the light ones and used some whites for the dark ones. When I was putting it together I realised I do not even need my newly created little charm packs, I can save them for another project.

I only cut fresh white for the main border, the binding also came from scraps. The backing is some leftover from a fabric I bought to create a lego carpet for Andris. However, when I was checking my batting supply I realised it seems to be quite much but in practicd it is only little long pieces, so I had to buy some new one. The only good thing that there is a shop literally in front of our house, where I can buy them, so I got it quickly.

For this one I did some very basic stitch in the ditch for the main blocks, the quilting is yet to come. I am thinking some straight line, maybe doing it on different scale for each block to give some interest.

It was quite quick, took a week including organising the scraps not only for blues but reds and whites as well. Originally I wanted a rainbow scrap quilt but it turned out differently. Now I am thinking create a quilt in all colors:) 

Scrappy blue - own ideas