Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Spring branches

I was very productive today: I have finished the spring branch I have started yesterday, and also added the little leafs into the triangles.

Chatelaine: Pomarium
Fonal/Floss: DMC + many silks as suggested in the kit
Anyag/Fabric: Zweigart antique white 32 ct Belfast
First I tried to make a photo with my phone, but the colors were awfully off, moreover, the blogger sharing was not working. I am contemplating to buy a new phone, but apart from the photo part I have no problems with mine, so most probably I will not change it. Now I am using my tablet what I rarely use, but seeing how much better photos are taken I suppose I will change my habits...

Sunday, February 10, 2019


I was away for a time, in January we had many family celebrations (birthdays, namedays), we went for skiing for a couple of days, and the weeks simply flew away. I also red a lot, and started doing more sports - this is the 3rd round of monthly membership to a gym which was opened next to us.
Actually it was opened at least 2 years ago, and I was looking at it every day several times, but I never managed to enter. However, my son stopped his judo training during which I did my weekly jogging, and he took up tennis. And there is no joggingplace next to the tennis court, and in the winter I could not force myself to move, so I tried this gym. And I realised I like it - actually I like it a lot. It is a very small place, there is only one personal trainer and maximum 2 clients, and one session takes 30 minutes. There is also a machine called power plate, which is a kind of vibrating platform and supposedly makes miracles. I do not know about miracles, but I do break sweat, and I do feel siff ( in a good way) after each session, and since it is only 30 minutes when I start to get bored I always realise there is only a few minutes left, so I happily move forward. I usually go there 2-3 times a week, so my evenings are quite full.
However, stitchingwise I worked a little on Pomarium. I finished a corner and some triangles at the border, which is not a lot, but I am content with this -slowly but steadily I am moving.