Sunday, September 6, 2015

Something fishy almost finished

Last part of Something Fishy is done, I've finished the border as well. Only the batting, binding and quilting photo is missing - actually I did them too, but did not have time to make a picture. The quilting is a simple one: wavy line as the water. I really liked the outcome, it is on our dining room wall. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Summer moved on

Summer is over, the rains had arrived to us. I made some nice progress on Summer Knotgarden - I really love the lush colors with lots of green. My phone added some orange shades but it just some tech problem - my fabric is antique white without any fancy stripes.
Chatelaine: Summer Knotgarden
Fonal/Floss: DMC + many silks as suggested in the kit
Anyag/Fabric: Zweigart antique white 32 ct Belfast

During stitching I was thinking how fortunate we are to have safe homes, time to play with my son, stitch this beauty. Maybe you have heard that lots of people arrived to Hungary as migrants trying to find a better future because of the war in Syria, Afganistan and such countries. They are without anything but their lifes, bringing their small children in their hands. No warm clothes, no money, nothing. Many of them were walking huge distances. 
This week the traffic between Hungary and Austria partly stopped - trains could not leave the station due to the huge amount of people trying to fit, there are 20-30km long rows at the borders - before that there was no border inspection it took 1 second to cross. Yesterday 1000 migrants decided to leave Budapest on foot to Wien (260km), they entered the highway, so the police closed the roads to give some safety and provided buses to them. There are refugee camps, but they do not want to enter, because they want to move on to Germany. I hope my family will never have to face such terrible fate, losing our homes, leaving our country and going somewhere without knowing anything how to arrive.