Sunday, April 26, 2020

Moving scrappy

This is where I am now. I used Vliesofix for the backing to put the squares together. It made quite a stiff material from the fabric I used, and the little size of the 2inch squares did not help either. I hope the extrasoft backing will help. There will ba a white border and the binding id a colourful one as well. Now I know how to make extrascrappy rainbow quilt.

Sunday, April 19, 2020


I have started a present: a colorful one!

Monday, April 13, 2020

Autumn Watergarden

Chatelaine: Autumn Watergarden
Fonal/Floss: DMC + many silks as suggested in the kit
Anyag/Fabric: Zweigart antique white 32 ct Belfast

I have restarted stitching after quite a long hiatus. Somehow I lost my mojo, but the Easter holiday staying at home brought it back. I hope it stays with me for good! I have realised the main problem that the colors are not to my liking, they are kind of foggy greyish autumn instead of the rich golden ones. But I take one step a time, and when I am not bothered that I am going slowly it moves forward - and actually it moves forward quite quickly!

There is everything all right in this corner of the world. I have been working from home for almost a month. My son it homeschooling himself (very proud mom of a 10 years old, who does schooling independently!) because I have huge amount of workload. The good thing is that the homeoffice works smoothly, colleagues are extracooperative, so whatever can be done is done- but during the day I have hardly a minute free. Luckily my husband also works from home 4days a week, and his workload is significantly less, so he takes care of afternoon entertainment and in case some extradifficult task pops up. All the family is healthy, we are keeping distance, fridge is full - whatever could have been done is done, all the others will be taken care when it is needed.