Sunday, June 9, 2019

Teachers gift - by my son

I was thinking what kind of present should we prepare for my son's teachers for the school year closing, when I pinterest showed me a bluegreen placemat. It was the perfect solution - not to difficult to make, useful, nice for the teachers and has boy colours that Andris will happily participate. He chosed the fabric, measured and cut it in one go. Then next time sewed  the stripes together. 

Third time was for the monogram of the teacher, where he draw the letter, ironed the adhesive and the letter to the back. Then he practiced a little how to applique rounded corners, but at the end he said I should do the roundings and he takes the straight sides. I was more than happy to help him out a little! When both sides were ready, he ironed the middle layer in, we used a thin adhesive batting. Then I outlined the letter to stabilize the mat, and then he took back to do the straight line stitch in the ditch. Finally came the binding, where he helped to cut and iron the binding, but asked me to bind it - and voila: placemat ready to use. He really did a great job, I hope the 2 teachers will appreciate the effort of a 9 years old:)