Friday, January 3, 2020

Start of 2020 - list of WIP

I was not doing many crafts recently, but reading everyone's blogs about new years plans, list of 2019, list of 2020 etc, I got in the mood to make an inventory, and who knows, it can even start to bring me back to crafting and blogging again!

So the list:


1. Chatelaine Pomarium - tiny bit more than halfway, started in 2016 December

2. Chatelaine Autumn Watergarden, 1st quarter part 5  - started in 2019 August

3. Heirloom Nativity Sampler - almost finished, only a little hardanger missing, started in 2014 November. This was my holiday travel piece in the last couple of years.

4. Riolis 1079 Autumn forest - small part done, started in 2018 summer

5. Around the World in Stitches - finished stitching, mounting to a box missing, started in 2012. This can be a nice parting present for the teacher of my son who will leave the primary school this summer.


1. Round the year by BatukBandi - 4 out of 16, started in 2018 October

2. Strolling along paths of green by Yoko Saito - piecing done, quilting and binding missing. Started in 2018, finished the top in 2018 November and waiting for the finish since...


A T-shirt where only the neckline should be sewn on, done in 2019 summer. It looks like some rag since it was pushed into a corner of my sewing cupboard. Definitely a must, since it should take like 10 minutes to finish it up...

Thursday, January 2, 2020

2020 - Balance (Tree of life)

I am participating in a coaching course by ICF, and one part is a peer coaching, where we are practicing on each other. For my coach I made a little present, it is called Balance and relates to one of our discussions. I really like the tree of life concept and I was thinking to make one for a time. Once she showed me an image how growth can be perceived through plant images - there are ones nice above the ground, but there are also which are not eye-catching outside, but has deep roots.   It came to me, that it is like a tree of life, but to have balance you need both - up and down, in and out. That is what I tried to capture in this. She really likes colours and I used bold ones to show it is full of life - I hope she will like it!

Balance - Tree of life
39x48cm - 15.5”x19”